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ClinEast Healthcare UK Ltd. is a UK based  Marketing and Distribution company specialized in marketing and distribution of all products related to Oncology Patients, starting from high technology Targeted Therapy, Chemotherapy ending by nutrition and palliative therapies.


ClinEast Healthcare UK Ltd. represents the vital link in the healthcare system between UK and EU  Pharmaceutical, Nutrition, Food Supplements And Medical Devices manufacturers and African Markets. 



ClinEast Healthcare UK Ltd. provides integrated full-fledged and diversified services for healthcare companies such as Pharmaceutical, Medical Nutrition, Food Supplements and Medical Devices manufacturers in UK and EU allowing them to penetrate and expand their sales in the African Continent.



Being specialized in all related products to Oncology patients only, ClinEast Healthcare UK Ltd. has a group of premium quality and precisely selected products that serves all oncology patients during their treatment journey. Aiming to increase the patients' quality of life.



As a UK based company, we are currently representing more than 6 different UK and EU based companies and manufacturers in several African markets. Considering that we never work with two competing companies or products in order to protect our partners' rights and to avoid any business conflicts.


ClinEast Healthcare UK Ltd. helping manufacturers from UK and EU countries to expand their business to the African nations and countries through a very sophisticated assessment methodologies including opportunities assessments in addition to evaluation of potential local partners in each African country. ClinEast Healthcare UK Ltd. has a very strong network established indirectly with local distributors in Africa or directly through ClinEast Healthcare UK Ltd. offices in many African countries.



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London, United Kingdom

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