ClinEast Healthcare UK Ltd. helping manufacturers from UK and EU countries to expand their business to the African nations and countries through a very sophisticated assessment methodologies including opportunities assessments in addition to evaluation of potential local partners in each African country. ClinEast Healthcare UK Ltd. has a very strong network established indirectly with local distributors in Africa or directly through ClinEast Healthcare UK Ltd. offices in many African countries.

Our first branch in Africa is located in the great city of Cairo in Egypt. The selection was based on the massive economic growth that is happening in Egypt since two years ago, along with many new regulations in the pharmaceutical field and registration which will ease the process of Under License Manufacturing. Egypt also has many GMP and ISO certified Pharmaceuticals and Food Supplements manufacturing sites serving population of 100 Million in Egypt, in addition to nearby markets.

During 2020, we're planning to open 3 new branches in Africa to have total of 4 branches serving population of more than 400 million. Our planned locations are Algeria, East Africa and South Africa.


We're dedicated for improving patients' LIVES!


ClinEast Healthcare UK Ltd. aims providing African nations oncology patients by unique and premium quality selected products that would change patients’ lives and provide them a brighter future.
ClinEast Healthcare UK Ltd. is gathering vast of experienced calibers and senior managers driven from the roots of world’s top Oncology and Chemotherapy companies around the globe, assuring a promising future business with all of its partners. 


With its Head Office located at Stanmore Business and Innovation Center in London, ClinEast Healthcare UK Ltd. aimed to be very close to all of its partners while handling all overseas business assignments in African countries.