Under License Manufacturing

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ClinEast Healthcare UK Ltd. management team noticed the relatively low presence of UK and EU based Pharmaceuticals, Medical Nutrition, Food Supplements and Medical Devices manufacturers in the African market, and after conducting all necessary market researches, they found that the main reason beyond this absence was the high price of products shipped directly from UK or EU to African markets which considered to be highly price sensitive markets. 

ClinEast Healthcare UK Ltd. provides a unique solution to overcome this burden while could be the first of its kind in the region. ClinEast Healthcare UK Ltd. provides Under License Manufacturing for Pharmaceuticals, Medical Nutrition and Food Supplements at GMP certified Egyptian manufacturing sites. These manufacturing sites has been deeply and precisely inspected by ClinEast Healthcare UK Ltd. to be capable of providing the same products quality and efficacy as produced in UK or any other EU based sites.

We Export API's and other inactive ingredients from the manufacturers to Egypt to be processed into the intended dosage forms. All of products are registered in at the Egyptian MOH to be legally exported to all African markets gaining the benefit of the following:

  • Low production cost.

  • Same quality of EU and UK

  • Affordable consumer prices.

  • Benefit of Trading Protocols between African markets.

  • Handling of all financial operations on behalf of manufacturers.